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How to Trade Binary Options ( Download )

 Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Hi and welcome to my site. OK, I'm going to keep this short and sweet - I'm not going to bore you with the usual "rags-to-riches" story because I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear it.

What I will say though, is this...

How to Trade Binary Options ( Download )

How to Trade Binary Options
1. Binary options - the world’s easiest financial instrument. They allow traders to profit from price movements across all the world’s markets
2. There are only 2 types of transactions you can make with binary options: CALL and PUT.
The IQ Option platform allows our traders to make investments starting from just $1. The rate of return can be adjusted, that way losing trades will return a defined percentage into the trader’s account.
3. Call – Option for rising prices. If you believe the price is about to go up, choose this option.
PUT – Option for falling prices. Buy this option when you expect the price to decrease.
If you see on the chart that the price isn’t rising or falling, that means that right now there’s a “neutral trend.” In this case, it’s best to hold off on buying this option. Consider choosing a different asset to invest in.
Trend examples:    
4. Never invest more than 2% of your capital in a single option. This is the golden rule for any investor. This way you can manage your investing without losing your head...or your money
5. If 60% of your transactions end up “in the money” then you will be consistently profitable, and you may gradually increase your investment amount.
6. In order to improve the quality of your results, use technical & fundamental market analysis.
7. Try different asset classes. If you’re not getting results with currency pairs, try stock indices. On IQ Option you can  find over 70 types of assets, including Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
8. Sign up for IQ Option’s free trading webinars, where you’ll find out how to analyze trends, choose a trading strategy, and personally answer any questions you may have.

How to register & trade on IQ Option ( Download )

How to register & trade on IQ Option
1. go to the website:
2. Click the button "open account" or "Registration"

3. In the registration fields, enter your real name, and email (you will receive your activation code at this address)
Sign Up

4. After activating your account you'll be directed to the IQ Option platform. If you are new to binary options - click "How to Trade" in the upper right corner of the screen - a step by step tutorial will help you get comfortable quickly. If you registered a demo account, the majority of the assets and some features will be closed to you, but it will be enough to get to know the platform and decide whether or not to deposit real money and try to profit trading binary options.

5. On the left side of the screen is the management console. From there, you can select:
- Option type - turbo (60-second) or binary (15 minute) options;
- A list of tournaments;
- Personal Area (I / O resources, trade history, communications with customer support);
- Asset list;
- Training;
- FAQ;
- Mobile applications;
If you do not need this menu, you can minimize it by clicking on the arrow at the top of it.

6. In order to buy an option, enter your bid and time for the transaction. You can buy any number or combination of options in a row.
7. Pressing the "All assets" button, you will see what assets are now open or closed to trade, as well as their profitability. The last two columns display the time until the exchange responsible for a particular asset opens or closes.

8. To open a real account on the platform IQ Option, go to your personal account and click on "Deposit". Select a payment method, account currency, and the amount from the list or type your own. If you have a bonus code - copy it into the next window. Click on "Pay" and the money will be immediately be placed in your account.

9. To withdraw funds in your account, click on "Withdraw", choose the most convenient way to withdraw, enter the amount and your phone number. Your request will be processed as soon as possible - normal accounts within three working days, and VIP-accounts in 1 day.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Quality of Links

All incoming links are not the same. A link from Yahoo is judged to be more authoritative than a link from a poorly linked website. A link from a website that has a high number of naturally occurring inbound links and is themed the same as your website is a high quality link.
The web is divided by “neighborhoods” relative to their theme as well as quality. Google makes reference to “bad neighborhoods” and it’s important to stay out of them. Free for all (FFA) link exchanges are an example of a low quality link neighborhood.
Anchor Text
Since people naturally use descriptive text when linking to other websites, Google analyzes anchor text. It used to be enough to attain a handful of high PageRank links with relevant anchor text in order to rank well, but now it is important to achieve links from a wide variety of websites with descriptive anchor text. As search engine space becomes more competitive it will be imperative
to secure a high volume of high quality incoming links.
How Links Help Your Website
The citation analysis model allows the web community to, in essence, vote for the top results. The problem
is that if the web community cannot see your website (it currently does not rank well on the search engines), it’s never going to vote on it.
Another flaw is that while a natural growth of links is possible with a website that is creating ideas, such as a blog, this does not happen naturally with most commercial websites. Commercial websites are obligated to create content that inspires linking and take a proactive stance toward developing inbound links.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

link building

Why links are important to you.
Links are a source of targeted traffic.
Links from similar themed websites drive relevant traffic interested in your website and the products it offers. Targeted traffic is more apt to convert into a sale. When you buy relevant links you gain both direct and indirect value.
Relevant links raise your natural search engine rankings.
Links connect you to the major search engines for inclusion into their database.
Additionally, search engines use links in their relevancy algorithms. By securing links on relevant websites you are ensuring that your website will be included and ranked accordingly. Building incoming links to your website is the most important thing you can do to increase your organic search engine rankings.
Why link popularity is the top factor in top search engine rankings.
The Value of Links versus Content
It used to be said that content is king. And while content is an important ingredient in developing a commercially successful website, link popularity is proving to be the deciding factor on what will or will not rank well, especially on Google. Off page criteria has grown into the primary ranking factor in the major search engines.
Link popularity analysis makes Google famous
The biggest feature that sets Google apart from their search engine competition
was PageRank. Most search engines at the time looked at on-page factors
to analyze what a web page was about. On-page factors are essentially how a website reads and the words contained therein. There was no verification
from other parties.